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By concentrating on the essentials and with a clear picture of what is feasible, we support our clients in keeping their company ready to tackle the future and competition. For this, we go beyond the participants’ abilities and skills and include their attitude, awareness, and culture. We treat everyone as equals, both our clients and the employees.  

Our work is characterized by the following principles:

We achieve quality using standards which have been proven through practical experience as well as using innovative and client-oriented further development. In the d3 team, we combine broad with specialized competencies and conceptualization with intervention competency. We guarantee efficient, top quality solutions!

Joy in our work, openness, and continual commitment are our sources of energy. Working together to take on challenging projects is what motivates us. With a high degree of concentration and attention, with courage, responsibility, and discipline, we realize our goals!

As a team
we are loyal, easy to work with, and respect each other. Together and with our clients, we make sure that we make clear agreements. Reliable cooperation with a well-coordinated team offers solutions with great effectiveness.

Entrepreneurial thinking is in our blood, as all of our colleagues come from companies and only became trainers and consultants after first having multiple positions. Internally, our motto is performance, and externally it is high quality. We document our work in publications. We regularly allow the quality of our work to be evaluated by independent institutes.