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  • What can a 100-day coaching program do?

    A manager takes on a second area in addition to his current area of responsibility - is that even feasible?
    The manager confronts the challenge - but also acknowledges needing support to do so. This is where the d3 coaching approach “Help for Self-Help” comes in.
    In the first 100 days in which the manager is responsible for both areas, d3 offers a special coaching format: the combination of face-to-face and virtual coaching. After an initial meeting, the following scenarios are possible:

    Introductory Coaching
    The introductory coaching helps initiate the desire to receive assistance on certain individual topics or task fields. This lays a cornerstone for successful coaching. The coaching sessions take place in person and can last between 4 and 8 hours.

    Change Coaching
    Change coaching aims to enable the transfer to daily working life. It can be used when the coachee needs it directly or important appointments are coming up; e.g. preparing for a difficult discussion with an employee or a conflict situation in the team or with other departments. Contact with the coach occurs via telephone.

    Project Coaching
    Project coaching aims to optimize outcomes by increasing the coachee’s self-organization abilities. The coach accompanies the coachee at the workplace and observes the entirety of the process, analyzing the preparation, discussions with employees, and also observes a team meeting, for example. The d3 coach observes behaviors that deviate from the behaviors agreed on during the introductory and change coaching sessions. He decides which topics should be improved on in individual sessions and on which topics he can give the coachee direct feedback, that is, “Help for Self-Help”. This gives the coachee the chance to increase his successful behaviors from session to session or from situation to situation, thus having a “higher impact!
  • Training program for “Certified Project Managers” successfully completed

    Together with a technical corporate consulting company, the d3 experts once again successfully completed their holistic approach to project management training courses. Based on an internal role model, a modular training program was created and since then has continued to be developed further. The training program is flanked by a potentials analysis at the beginning and a feedback center at the end. This enables the project managers’ individual development to be quantified.
  • d3 starts global Graduate Program with DAX company

    Highly qualified university graduates are the future of our companies. For this reason, together with d3 one of our clients has decided to develop a global Graduate Program for these high potentials. In October, the first training measures took place within this program. In the future, these teaching and training events will occur at regular intervals. The next measure is already planned for spring.  
  • d3 IowA® - Program has been attended by over 2000 participants

    Influencing others without Authority is our “best of” approach for stakeholder management and change processes. More than 2000 people have already attended the IowA® I and IowA® II seminars. In the last 6 months, d3 was able to win over two new large clients for this program. Our seminars are now among the bestsellers for diverse clients in Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Ireland, and the US.
  • d3 IowA® - Programs now also in South America

    Influencing others without Authority, our “best of” approach for stakeholder management and change processes, has now also started a triumphal march through South America. Two events in Rio and Sao Paulo were very successfully carried out by our two German trainer teams. Additional events have already been planned.
  • Start of the Qualification Offensive for Supervisors and Team Leaders

    d3 has started a 9-month qualification program for supervisors / team leaders for a client in the automotive supplier industry. The qualification measures will take place as part of a comprehensive company development program after the top management and mid-level management were already trained. With this measure, the production supervisors are to be prepared for taking on more leadership responsibility in the future and actively leading their staff through changes. The qualification topics include leadership methods, performance reviews, and conflict management. In the forefront of the training sessions is the practice-oriented implementation of the management topics; an intensive mentoring program and a transfer program tailored to the target group support the participants in applying the contents of the training program.
  • d3 trains in Singapore

    After d3 carried out a seminar last year for an international financial service provider in Bangkok, d3 is now realizing another IowA® training session in Singapore. It can once again be seen that similar principles for influencing others without authority work in Asia. The proven IowA® systematics and tools can be applied there as effectively as in Europe, the USA, and Australia.