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The Seven Sides of the Perfect Manager

By Ralf Riekehof, Alexander Mutafoff
Verlag Moderne Industrie
Note: This title is only available in German.

The seven sides are: Self-management, giving a vision – future, strategic management, motivation, communication, coaching, and building teams. For every “side,” the book gives tips on theoretical background information (“excursus”) without overwhelming the reader. The more important active consideration of the material is made easier for the reader due to the varying perspectives – “Reflection,” “Application,” “Exercise,” “Check list,“ “Competency,” and “Case Study.”

This type of presentation makes it easier to transfer the material into everyday business and gives an opportunity to reflect on oneself. If you quickly skim through the pages, you will notice a “key to success” for each of the topics: recommendations for action which sometimes might seem too much like a “recipe” but can certainly offer ideas for discussion.

Summary: Not a philosophical book, not a highly scientific treatise, but a book meant for working, practicing, and trying out new ideas. 




By Peter Stumber, Horst Rückle
Verlag Moderne Industrie
Note: This title is only available in German.

Due to product variety, price wars, variable markets, and critical customers, selling is becoming ever more complex and therefore more challenging. For the salesperson, this results in increasing demands in terms of expertise and designing the sales process.

In this book, experienced sales trainers condense their insights from training hundreds of salespeople in all industries – from beginners to seasoned professionals – into a comprehensive work focused on aspects with practical relevance. The reader will receive many practical tips and ideas as well as background information on the key topics of sales.

Human Resource Development

By Ralf Riekehof, Horst Rückle, Alexander Mutafoff
Note: This title is only available in German.

Fast-paced changes in markets and technology require a company to make the optimal use of qualified employees.

The authors purport that the goals and philosophy of a company are of key import. They describe practical tasks, critical points, and methods of modern human resource development as it should be conducted in companies who want to beat competitors in the future.  

Training with Success

Edited by Peter Schmitt
In cooperation with the BDVT, Berufsverband Deutscher Verkaufsförderer und Trainer
GABAL, Offenbach
Note: This title is only available in German.

Training with Success presents particularly successful seminar concepts by renowned German training institutes which were distinguished by the German Training Prize. The book thus gives insights into successful professional qualification measures taken by German companies using training and human resource development. Trainers, consultants, and human resource developers can gather important impulses and practical approaches for carrying out professional continuing education measures.
•    Up to date – with the winning concepts from the German Training Prize 2000
•    Unique – 20 distinguished concepts from renowned German training institutes
•    Praxis-relevant – high degree of practical use and competent knowledge for trainers and educators
•    Competent- in cooperation with the BDVT, the largest trainer organization in Germany  
•    Contains three prize-winning training concepts by Peter Stumber 

Checklists Project Management

Harald Winker et al. (ed.): Checklisten Projektmanagement.
TÜV Media GmbH TÜV Rheinland Group
Note: This title is available only in German.

"Checklists Project Management" is for project managers, area managers, and project supporters who already have project experience in theory and in their work. They serve the project participants as a guide for planning and carrying out projects.

Courage to Change Industries

Note: This title is available only in German.

Harald Winkler opens up a wide range of possibilities for the working population. With numerous analyses, checklists, and tests, Harald Winkler helps the reader to find out whether a change makes sense, what potentials you have, what opportunities are available to you, and which industries come into question. In addition, he shows how you can prepare yourself for a switch and receive professional support.  

Business Development Using Dialogue


Business Development Using Dialogue: The Western Linearity and the East-Asian Situation Potential of the Future in Discourse  Gunnar Bremer, Unternehmensentwicklung durch Dialog: die abendländische Linearität und das ostasiatische Situationspotential der Zukunft im Diskurs.Saarbrücken, VDMNote: This title is only available in German. Both the dialogue approach and the East Asian philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism assume that you cannot plan the potential of the future but can only discover, influence, and use it if you sense it, see it, and recognize it before it unfolds. This book describes the dialogue approach and its enhancement by the presencing theory in comparison to the East Asian concept of effectiveness.




d3 Master of Professional Selling

Note: This booklet is only available in German.

The basis of sales success is effective human resource management which offers more than occasional standardized measures. With the Master of Professional Selling, d3 presents a proven qualification program specialized for the field of medical technology.

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d3 Performance Diagnosis


Note: This booklet is only available in German.

The d3 Perfomance Diagnosis supports you in making sensitive decisions in the area of human resources. Valid and compact tools give you assurance in the selection, placement, evaluation, and promotion of your personnel…

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Potentials Analyses

Note: This booklet is only available in German.

Potentials analyses are one of the more enigmatic tools in human resource development: Although everyone speaks of them as a matter of course, there are widely varying definitions and methodological approaches. Potentials cannot be directly seen – how can we measure them, then?

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