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Change Management


The particular challenge for successful change management lies in the acceptance, participation, and support of those affected. If their doubts and reservations are ignored and informal networks are underestimated, necessary changes can fail. In contrast, changes that are desired and supported by managers and employees as well as clients and suppliers create a wave of motivation and quickly move the company forward.

Experiences, proven standards, and the ability to adapt individually to each company and its particularities provide the basic structure for d3’s change management programs. With precise diagnostic methods and under consideration of the company structures, communication processes, and competencies of the participants, we determine the exact needs for development and consultation. At the center of the measures developed from this are the people who are affected, their attitudes and motivation as well as their ability to implement the desired change. By winning them over for the changes, qualifying them and successfully assisting them toward achieving the desired gold, we promote change competency in the company. 

Based on perfectly coordinated initiatives and impulses, we assist the participants through the four phases:

Awareness: In the first phase, the participants develop an awareness of the necessity of the change.

Desire: The second phase awakens the participants’ desire to start off in the planned direction and support the change process on their own accord.

Qualification: The third phase promotes the competencies the participants need to be successful in the changed situation.

Contribution: The last phase serves to sustainably establish the change. Routines are created which build the foundation for the next change project.

Our strength lies in our using the appropriate tools systematically and with perfect timing during the entire process. The d3 approach promotes change competencies and a basic readiness to change in all participants and makes companies more flexible and change intelligent.

In order to successfully implement changes, we offer:

•    Consultation and process assistance
•    Workshops
•    d3 change design
•    d3 change monitoring
•    Stakeholder management
•    Qualification of change agents
•    Qualification of managers
•    Coaching

Change Management Tools

Your Benefits

  • Changes are successfully established
  • Desired change goals are achieved
  • Employees support change processes
  • The change management team has the necessary competencies
  • Changes follow proven processes; Risks and escalations are thereby minimized, costs remain under control
  • High degree of process transparency makes the early recognition of risks and intervention possible
  • Organization becomes more agile, change intelligent, and can more quickly adapt to future demands

What our clients say

»In the change management process, d3 impressed us with the ability to take our specific corporate culture into consideration. That made it possible for us to successfully introduce a challenging IT project.«

Vera Wolter Director Service Center, DATEV eG

What we think

»Change is a part of life: Are you shaping or are you being shaped? I assist you in company, team, and individual processes. Patiently. Persistently. Uncomfortably.«

Berthold Kohlhaus Trainer and Consultant