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Employee Portfolio


Employees and managers play an essential role in the future performance and competitive abilities of a company. Important questions include:

  • Where do we stand with our employees today and where in regards to future challenges?
  • In which competency areas are we strong with our employees and where do we have room for progress?
  • Who are the top performers, talents, stars, and which are the problematic cases?
  • What does this assessment mean for personnel planning, recruiting, and personnel placement?
  • How can we best use our resources and obtain the greatest leverage effects in human resources development?

The d3 employee portfolio enables a cross-departmental assessment of the individual employees regarding their performance, potentials, and commitment; it gives a complete overview of the distribution of personnel potentials. The employee portfolio thus makes up a basis for strategically setting the right course for personnel marketing, placement, and development.
d3 offers access to a proven technology which organizes the entire portfolio development process in a highly efficient manner and ensures methodological soundness. Each manager presents the performance of their staff in a personnel conference and opens it up for discussion. Complemented by feedback from other managers, the assessments are validated, added to, and fine-tuned with cross-comparisons. Only those managers who can contribute discuss an employee. Idle time is avoided almost completely.

Afterwards, we support our clients in evaluating the results and the arising topics for human resource development.

Diagram Employee Portfolio

Your Benefits

  • Complete overview of the employee portfolio
  • Realistic assessment of the company’s performance and competitive abilities
  • Objective assessment of individual employees
  • Development of cross-department assessment standards
  • Linking the performance and potentials perspectives
  • Consideration of employee dedication
  • Efficient and reliable procedure
  • Well-founded basis for future-oriented development strategies and measures