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Team Development


The goals of team development are for all team members to share a common self-understanding, pursue the same goals, mutually support each other, put their team’s interests before their own, and optimize cooperation.

We start with a detailed team analysis. For this, we use both questionnaires as well as action-oriented analyses. With the action-oriented analysis, the team members work on a task which simulates their daily work. One of our trainers observes the exercise and, afterwards, evaluates it together with the participants. Here questions are asked such as: What behavioral patterns can be seen? How did the cooperation work? How did you proceed, what was good and what could be improved? How were conflicts resolved? 
The team analysis shows a meaningful picture of the team’s performance abilities. When transferring the analysis results into an action plan, it is important to support the team in such a way that it can optimally confront current challenges and solve challenges which arise in everyday business.

Team development means a great amount of insight for the participants as they reflect on their own behavior and, together with the trainer, work out possibilities for improvement. New, desired behavioral patterns can emerge which the teams then apply in their work, thus taking a big step towards becoming a high performance team.

To promote team cooperation, we offer:

•    Consulting and process assistance
•    d3 team analysis
•    Team training
•    Workshop on team-building
•    Coaching
•    Experience-oriented outdoor and indoor training

Your Benefits

  • New energy for new challenges
  • More productive handling of conflicts and tensions
  • High degree of goal-orientation and mutual support
  • Employees work together
  • Employee motivation and commitment
  • Teams develop further on their own



What we think

»With heart and mind, I accompany people and organizations on their paths. That is what I’m passionate about.«

Birgit Bergdoll Trainer and Consultant