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We understand coaching as professional assistance for a limited time as help for self-help. At the beginning we clarify the contract situation, expectations, and framework. Based on this, we determine which d3 coach would best fit the coachee and his individual requests based on the coach’s personality, experiences, and competencies.

The starting points for coaching are as varied as the coaching topics. We take our time to clarify the desired coaching results and for the analysis of on which points and with which methods the best results can be expected.

Examples for reasons for coaching include:

•    Preparation for a new task
•    Current management questions
•    Clarification of situations and options for action
•    Implementation of change goals
•    Conflict situations
•    Experienced problems or crises

As coaches, we promote the coachee’s reflection, self-perception, and orientation on solutions. We are catalysts, listeners, and givers of feedback and impulses. Our pragmatic, non-dogmatic approach is focused on the coachee and his individual goals. We place particular emphasis on building up a relationship at eye level with respect and discretion. After all, coaching is a matter of trust. That is why we take it as understood that we will reliably hold to the agreed-upon confidentiality.

Your Benefits

  • Targeted further development of individual managers and top performers
  • Increase in employee solidarity
  • High degree of employee motivation (personal crises can be better overcome)
  • Clarity about your own role and goals make it possible to focus on your contribution to the company’s success

What we think

»You have everything you need! I only assist you with courage and a love of adventure in discovering, encouraging, and using your potential.«

Gunnar Bremer Trainer and Consultant