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Executive Coaching


A rapid pace of change, lack of time, and flood of information make up the daily business of many executives. Added to this is the fact that executives seldom receive open, direct feedback from their environment and lack critical discussion partners on some topics.

We support executives regarding specific situations or with general personal development. d3’s executive coaching contributes toward developing new perspectives and thus allows a change of perspective in order to better reflect on one’s own actions and to more realistically assess one’s own abilities, resources, and control possibilities. Besides this, coaching for the managing board can be done in preparation for short-term challenges, for example difficult negotiations, crisis management, or media appearances.

When coaching executives, we usually start by determining the current status quo. From this, we derive the coaching fields and topics which lead to jointly agreed-upon coaching goals. Possible topics, for example, could include: Self-management, corporate management, influence both in and outside of the company, decision-making, handling complexity, and work-life balance.

In order to optimally integrate coaching into the calendars of executives, it takes place in short sessions. We use our most experienced trainers to coach executives.  

Your Benefits

  • Clearer idea of strengths and stumbling blocks
  • Changing perspective and gaining insights
  • Preparation for difficult situations
  • Informed of current management trends
  • Efficient, tailored coaching units
  • 100% confidentiality

What we think

»As a passionate developer and trainer, I throw out all the old paradigms, create clarity, and ensure that individuals, managing teams, and companies achieve their goals when aiming for challenging changes. From my clients’ perspective, I do this in an empathetic, provoking, and focusing manner – and I have been doing so for more than 25 years.«

Harald Winkler Trainer and Consultant