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Influence Others without Authority (IowA®)


Motivating employees and colleagues for common goals and working methods is a key challenge for anyone who wants to make a difference. Particularly when a project or a process involves change, there is often resistance. Often neither the approval of the top management nor good arguments are enough to overcome the resistance. More than that is necessary in order to win over those involved: personal relationships, trust, and persuasion.

Under the name IowA® (Influence Others without Authority), we have combined the best ideas and techniques of positive influence. Through this concept, we convey valuable ideas and techniques for how to convince others and exercise influence on individuals and groups, and we support the participants in reflecting on their own influence behavior.

We offer IowA® both as individual seminars as well as in a multiple-step development program. Since 2009 we have been successfully training this topic at various companies from small businesses to DAX-listed companies. We now also offer IowA® seminars in several countries in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia.

All seminars are highly interactive. In computer simulations and role-play discussions based on scientific discoveries, what is learned can be immediately tried out and practiced.


•    Encouragement and obstacles for exercising influence
•    The five phases of persuasion
•    The eight tactics for exercising influence
•    Tools for influencing successfully
•    Tools for guiding and intervening in discussions
•    Arguing persuasively
•    Bringing up and solving critical topics
•    Dealing with conflicts of interest
•    The importance of personal relationships and managing them
•    Taking individual ways of thinking and behaving into consideration
•    The eight phases of successful change processes

What the participants gain

  • After completing the seminar, the participants are familiar with the elements of the IowA® concept.
  • With the methods and strategies they learned, they can gain the support of others and successfully drive change processes.
  • They can use a broad spectrum of persuasive strategies and thereby increase their influence, assertiveness, and effectiveness.

What we think

»It is my mission to support people in companies to bring about more change, work together more effectively, and, together with their organizations, become more successful.«

Jörg Kühn Managing Director

Participant feedback

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What our clients say

»In the seminar “Influence Others without Authority,” the d3 trainers inspire the participants with their professional methods and didactics.

Especially the computer simulations of various strategies for exercising influence are always well-received. Immediately following the seminar, every participant gets feedback about success or areas to work on and can also take advantage of an offer for individual coaching.«

Jana Gottschalk Program Manager Allianz Management Institute