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Systematic Human Resources Development


d3 supports companies in tapping into their Human Resource Development (HRD) as a strategic factor for success and added value. Our approach of strategic human resource development is characterized by the consistent linking of all partial systems, tools, and processes with the company’s goals and values.

In a first step, we define the strategic framework and clarify which HRD goals or concentrations arise from the company strategy. This results in the core, the company-specific competency model: consistently derived from the company goals and values, measurable and modular. We make it possible to measure the model by clearly linking the competencies with behaviors or concrete behavioral requirements. We offer modularity in that every position and function of a company can be put together with the building block principle from a company-wide competency pool.

Based on the competency model, we develop appropriate human resource development tools for the entire HDR cycle. The cooperation with us can include evaluating or adapting existing tools, conceptualizing and introducing new tools, and qualification in the use of the tools.

Systematic Human Resource Development

Your Benefits

  • Human resource development is established as a strategic success factor
  • Consistent human resource development
  • Efficient, pragmatic, state-of-the-art tools
  • Use of proven d3 standards with straightforward conceptual investment
  • Strengthening of the employer brand

What our clients say

»In our cooperation, I experienced d3 as a reliable and innovative partner. d3 recognized our needs and, together with us, realized an action plan tailored to us. Without exception, the d3 team is efficient, very professional, highly qualified, and extremely dedicated.«

Stefanie Rohde Officer for Human Resource and Organizational Development, Etex Holding GmbH

What we think

»I love to help when people and companies decide to enhance their opportunities in order to achieve more!«

Ralf Riekehof Managing Director