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Success is brought about by people! That is our credo. That is why, in our training sessions, we systematically develop capabilities, attitudes, and behaviors that the participants need in order to be successful in the future.

We conceptualize every training session specifically for the company and orient the sessions on requirements and shortages. Our goal is that the participants apply as much as possible in their everyday work. The high degree of practical relevance ensures the acceptance and quick implementation of the contents of the training sessions. Around 70 percent of the seminar time is used for active training and exercises. We promote reflection on previous behavior and the development of effective behavioral alternatives. Recent insights, e.g. from neuroscience and didactics, intensify the training process and tap into previously unused potential. What participants value most in d3 training sessions is that they are designed to be interactive, experience-oriented, and have methodological variety.

We also offer our training sessions as individual measures in the framework of d3 development programs. We work with managers from the foreman’s level up to the management board, at the level of employees and with teams. We offer seminars for improving communicative, methodological, and interpersonal competencies. 



Examples for d3 Trainings

Training for Managers

•    Starting Successfully in a Management Role
•    Core Principles of Successful Management
•    Motivating Employees in Difficult Times
•    Successful Dialogues with Employees
•    Crisis and Conflict Management
•    Goal Agreement, Appraisal and Development Dialogues
•    The Manager as a Coach
•    Successful Teamwork
•    Managing Virtual Teams
•    Initiating, Guiding, and Successfully Realizing Change Processes
•    Innovation Management for Managers
•    Team Training (also as outdoor training)
•    Self-Management for Managers
•    Project Management
•    IowA® (Influence Others without Authority)

Trainings for Sales Staff

•    Sales Training – Basic and Advanced Seminars
•    Coaching Seminar: Top Sales Staff
•    Systematically Winning Over New Clients
•    Negotiation Training: Successfully Managing Price Discussions and Negotiations 
•    Strategic Sales
•    Key Account Management
•    Building and Maintaining Client Relations
•    Area and Client Management: Recognizing and Tapping Potentials
•    Recognizing Conflicts and Finding Solutions
•    Presentation Training and Rhetoric
•    Line of Argument Training
•    Initiating and Closing Sales
•    Telephone Sales
•    Client-Oriented Behavior
•    Successfully Selling in a Team
•    Self-Management in a Home Office

Communication Competencies

•    Communication Training
•    Negotiation Training
•    Rhetoric and Elocution
•    Moderation and Presentation Techniques
•    Mastering Difficult Discussions
•    Conflict and Change Management
•    Interpreting, Understanding, and Using Body Language

Methodological Competencies

•    Innovation Management
•    Project Management
•    Change Management
•    Personal Work Techniques
•    Dealing with Complexity

Personal Competencies

•    Personality Development: Obtaining Emotional Competency
•    My Personal Strengths and Potentials
•    Work Life Balance: Achieving a Higher Quality of Life
•    Resilience
•    Recognizing Burn Out – Avoidance and Deliberate Action
•    Dealing Well with Stress; Composure Wins the Day; Developing Equanimity
•    Self-Management: My Personal Efficiency-Increasing Program
•    IowA®  (Influence Others without Authority)

Your Benefits

  • Tailored, company-specific contents and topics
  • High degree of practical relevance
  • Further development of behavior is the focus
  • Tapping into previously unused potential
  • High efficiency in implementation
  • Ensuring contents are transferred
  • High degree of participant acceptance

What our clients say

»d3 has successfully supported us for several years with their expertise. Their training sessions are well-received by our international participants – enthused and motivated, they return to their workplace to implement what they have learned.«

Nicole Albrecht Deputy Head of Group Learning at Allianz SE

About the Training Sessions

  • All training sessions are carried out by professionals
  • Many exercises; the contents are conveyed using informational booklets
  • Variety of methods
  • Transfer and accompanying material
  • Contents include the latest research