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What our clients say

Nicole Albrecht

»d3 has successfully supported us for several years with their expertise. Their training sessions are well-received by our international participants – enthused and motivated, they return to their workplace to implement what they have learned.«

Joachim Andrös

»For more than 10 years, I have worked constructively and professionally in “change processes” together with d3. Their conceptual approach of adapting to the specific situation of the company (culture and market) in order to conduct a potentials analysis of the existing capabilities of the employees and then determine the individual training needs is absolutely convincing. Each employee is “met” where he is and, by accompanying him with daily work, brought step-by-step to be able to confront the new tasks or challenges. The critical accompanying and challenging training measures ensure that the individual employees make progress and that moving into a “leadership role” avoids breaks or overwhelming situations.

The cooperation with the “d3 Team” supported us in the further development of our employees and made change processes manageable. The success is measurable and sustainable, and we are very pleased with this extremely successful cooperation!«

Boris Brieskorn

»With d3’s support, we were able to noticeably increase our employees’ cooperation. Our business results also improved due to more efficient communication and a common understanding of leadership.«

Claudia Erhardt

»I have worked with d3 for almost five years in the development program for staff and managers. The cooperation has given me a lot of impulses and valuable insights. The coordinated combination of theory and praxis, the various opportunities for feedback, and the substance and sustainability of the program have brought about tangible progress for the participants and, over the years, has contributed to a change in the culture of my organizational unit. Our work with d3 is marked by mutual trust and respect and regarded with a great amount of recognition and appreciation by myself and the participants.«

Stephan Führling

»The development program for high potentials designed and carried out by d3 gave our company the necessary stability in our management structures and provided an additional boost in innovation.« 

Jana Gottschalk

»In the seminar “Influence others without Authority,” the d3 trainers inspire the participants with their professional methods and didactics. Especially the computer simulations of various strategies for exercising influence are always well-received. Immediately following the seminar, every participant gets feedback about success or areas to work on and can also take advantage of an offer for individual coaching.«

Markus Köhler

»Structural, conceptual, and above all, sustainable: those are the d3 success factors which helped us to bring together a future-oriented, harmonious, and goal-oriented department from differing organizations. That made it possible for us to meet the challenges we faced, both interpersonally and with our expertise.«  

Dieter Leifert

»For several years I have worked successfully and gladly with d3 – particularly in manager development. In my experience, the potentials analysis at the beginning of development programs is a key building block for the high effectiveness of the d3 development programs. It is an excellent basis for the training programs and everyday work and for looking individually and continually at the specific topics and personal development goals and potentials of every individual. With this, we achieve a high motivation for development with our managers and, in our work, tangible and positive effects.«

Marie-Noëlle Favarger-Schmidt

»With an excellent understanding of the company, a good analysis, flexibility, individuality, and adaptability, d3 very professionally carried out the task of getting our CEOs to accept and be committed to the new organization.« 

Stefanie Rohde

»In our cooperation, I experienced d3 as a reliable and innovative partner. d3 recognized our needs and, together with us, realized an action plan tailored to us. Without exception, the d3 team is efficient, very professional, highly qualified, and extremely dedicated.«

Herber Schein

»VARTA Micro Gruppe is a company which is taking on a leading role in new growth markets with innovative battery solutions. The qualification and recruitment of experts and management is decisive for the company's success. VARTA is convinced that employees from within the company who are already trained as battery experts are the best solution here. For these goals, d3 GmbH designed a qualification and support program tailored to VARTA which is currently being implemented in our management training program. The good experience which VARTA has had in the past with the d3 GmbH trainers was the reason we chose them as our professional partner for carrying out our program.«

Michael Schellenberger

»It is very enjoyable to see the good and excellent performance of our employees and fills us with pride. But we also asked ourselves the question how we could specifically further develop our top performers. In answering this question, d3 not only advised us but also designed and carried out a development program that we have now successfully implemented for the fourth year. The training content of the development program was internalized by the employees and is clearly applied today. Our employees’ eyes light up when they talk about their time in the development program.«

Vera Wolter

»In the change management process, d3 impressed us with the ability to take our specific corporate culture into consideration. That made it possible for us to successfully introduce a challenging IT project.«


compamedia GmbH Top Consultant 2011

Under the research direction of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink (Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg), every year the best consultant for small and medium-sized businesses is determined.

Decisive for the prize, entitled “TOP CONSULTANT,” is the ability to adapt to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses as well as professionalism and client satisfaction.

The basis was a survey of our clients, who described their experiences with d3 in the areas of human resource development, organizational development, and change management.

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