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Associate Engagement – a Performance-Promoting Culture as a Competitive Advantage


Demands on companies have changed drastically: Differentiation using products and services is ever more difficult. An idea that is new today will be copied tomorrow.

One competitive advantage that is particularly difficult to copy and at the same time highly effective is a performance-promoting corporate culture. Employees who are positively self-motivated to contribute to achieving the company goals are the driving forces of successful companies. However, the reality is that frustration, a lack of motivation, mentally checking out, and burn out syndrome are often present. According to a representative survey of 86,000 employees, almost 40% of German employees are unmotivated and disillusioned.  

Are your employees prepared to use their capabilities completely for achieving the company’s goals? Or do they belong to the 85% of those who work-to-rule?


We understand the change dynamics and pressure to which companies are subjected. That is why we ask a series of questions at the start: What makes your company valuable from the perspective of your employees? What characterizes the existing culture? What are the effects and side effects of current cooperation?
Together with you, we then develop the cornerstones of your new culture and transfer them into desired, observable behaviors.
Using our tailored measures, we establish your new culture at all levels and in all areas of the company and ensure sustainability. During the entire process, your employees play an important role. We find it essential to allow the culture to arise from the organization. That is why we also support the company in continuing the process independently, thereby achieving a high degree of sustainability.

To increase employee commitment, we offer:
•    Consulting and process assistance
•    Workshops
•    Reflection and feedback discussions
•    Management training
•    Management coaching
•    Development of internal workshop formats

Your Benefits

  • Competitive advantage that is hard to copy
  • The desired culture creates reliability and orientation
  • Committed employees who give their best
  • Self-initiative and pleasure in experimenting provide innovation for tomorrow’s success
  • Team spirit and commitment promote the results of individuals and entire teams
  • Company systems and employees work together, friction is avoided, cooperation is encouraged, and synergies are used
  • Employee retention and loyalty are increased

What we think

»Everyone who is excited and works with passion has the potential to do great things.«

Dr. Frederik Hümmeke Trainer and Consultant