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Building and Managing Virtual Teams


Team members no longer have to be located in the same place. Distance leads to specific situations: employees feel isolated, there is little team spirit, and not a lot of exchange takes place.

What are the particular challenges for managers of virtual teams? How is it possible to develop a team identity and establish trusting and goal-oriented cooperation?


We support managers in identifying the particular opportunities and tasks for managing virtual teams and in implementing appropriate measures and tools. In coaching or training sessions we show the differences and challenges in comparison to managing on-site and offer the participants the chance to reflect on their own managerial behavior.

In workshops, the team members develop a common self-understanding, common goals, rules for communication, and a unified image. This identity, complemented with regular communication, can stand up to the test of separation.  

To build and support virtual teams, we offer:
•    Workshops
•    Consulting / coaching for managers
•    Feedback and reflection discussions
•    Team development
•    Management training sessions

Your Benefits

  • High team productivity despite separation
  • More effective management
  • Team spirit and communication regardless of distance
  • Motivation and dedication of employees in the virtual team