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Merging Departments


When departments merge, differing structures, work methods, ways of communication, processes, and methods converge. Often, the cooperation is characterized by a lack of trust, power struggles, and the building of “camps” than by constructive work and goal-orientation.

How can groups with differing team cultures be integrated so that a trusting, efficient cooperation comes about at an early stage and the desired synergy effects are realized?


For the development of new, desired forms of cooperation, a key factor for success is the inclusion of those affected. Here questions such as the following become important: What made us successful? What are we proud of and what do we want to take with us into the new cooperation?
Together with those affected, we work out a common self-understanding which is derived from the company goals and sets down how the cooperation is to proceed and what common goals are to be pursued.

Experience-oriented measures promote common experiences and the development of a feedback and trust culture, which is a precondition for cooperation and true team spirit. Using measures that the new team can implement itself, we ensure the sustainability of the successful merger. With coaching, we support the new department head in leading the integration process and guiding his team through the phases of team development.

To successfully merge departments, we offer:
•    Change management
•    Team analyses
•    Workshops
•    Outdoor and indoor training sessions
•    Coaching
•    Individual training sessions

Your Benefits

  • Synergy effects are achieved quickly
  • Employees quickly come together in the new organization
  • Conflicts are cleared up at an early stage and tension is minimized
  • Motivation and dedication are retained
  • Fluctuation is avoided
  • Responsible manager’s success is ensured

What our clients say

»Structural, conceptual, and above all, sustainable: those are the d3 success factors which helped us to bring together a future-oriented, harmonious, and goal-oriented department from differing organizations. That made it possible for us to meet the challenges we faced, both interpersonally and with our expertise.«

Markus Köhler Head of Accounting, Etex Holding GmbH -ECCG