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Promoting Cooperation


For their development, well-functioning teams occasionally need support and new impulses for optimization. Ongoing team spirit and continually high productivity are not a matter of course. How can you make your team into a high performance team and ensure that it keeps working at that level?


When people work together, there is almost always tension. This can be due to communication problems, power struggles, or conflicts of goals and interests. If the group members can agree on common rules of the game, goals, and tasks, then there is a good chance that they will become and stay a team. This process is often more successful with professional assistance.

The basis for team development is the d3 team analysis. With this, we measure whether the group is on its way to becoming a high performance team and where our measures can help along the way. Here we differentiate between the colleagues’ cooperation with each other and the group’s cooperation with its manager. After looking at the results of the team analysis, we develop an individual action plan for the team’s development.

The action plan could include a workshop to clarify expectations for cooperation, for example. Or we can demonstrate behavioral patterns using experience-oriented group exercises and enable the team members to identify and implement possibilities for improvement. Another building block could be coaching for the managers, for example with the goal of gaining clarity about their own roles and further developing the team.

With all measures, it is our goal to improve the ability of the team to reflect and to increase their problem-solving competencies as well as their abilities to further develop as a team.

To promote cooperation, we offer:
•    Consulting and process assistance
•    d3 team analysis
•    Team training sessions
•    Workshops on team-building
•    Coaching
•    Experience-oriented outdoor and indoor training sessions

Your Benefits

  • High team productivity
  • New energy for new challenges
  • Productive management of conflicts and tension
  • High degree of goal-orientation and mutual support
  • Employees work together
  • Employee motivation and dedication increase
  • Further development of the teams through self-initiative



What our clients say

»With d3’s support, we were able to noticeably increase our employees’ cooperation. Our business results also improved due to more efficient communication and a common understanding of leadership.«

Boris Brieskorn Finance Director, Etex Holding GmbH