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Developing High Potentials


With increasing competition for talent, high potentials are an important and yet scarce resource who many companies try to win over. Identifying talents in your own company, systematically tapping their potential, and retaining them at your company for the long term provides you a competitive advantage.


From our perspective, identifying and developing high potentials should be done in a company-specific manner. The primary reason is so that these employees pursue a career in your company and don’t just increase their value on the job market.

For performance-oriented high potentials, the opportunity for further development and individual training is both a strong incentive and a commitment factor.

That is our starting point. With the potentials analysis, we find out what strengths and potentials the individuals have. In the qualification of high potentials, we go beyond the enhancement of knowledge and capability training and work with the energy within the individual. The emphasis therefore lies on drawing out, not on putting in. In the training sessions, we allow the high potentials to surpass themselves using exacting challenges. We thereby give them the opportunity to try their hand at new situations and roles and experience new behaviors. With targeted promotion of networks and inclusion of experienced managers as mentors, we strengthen the employees’ commitment to the company.

This all takes place in a clear, proven framework which makes the high potentials’ development visible in their work and ensures sustainability.

To develop high potentials, we offer:
•    Potentials analyses
•    d3 development programs
•    Mentoring systems

Your Benefits

  • Assurance in the selection and training of future key personnel
  • Increasing high potentials’ commitment to the company; avoiding unwanted fluctuation
  • Attractiveness for external high potentials increases
  • Tapping valuable individual potentials for the company
  • Company-internal networks enable the further development of a strong performance culture
  • New impulses for the company

    What our clients say

    »The development program for high potentials designed and carried out by d3 gave our company the necessary stability in our management structures and provided an additional boost in innovation.«

    Stephan Führling CEO, CREATON AG

    What we think

    »I help people to realistically formulate their goals and find appropriate ways of achieving them in line with their values and using their potentials.«

    Dr. Birgit Stein Trainer and Consultant