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Facilitating Top Performers


Would you like to further increase your attractiveness as an employer by providing horizontal career opportunities? And/or would you like to continue to count on a secure network of reliable top performers in the future? No matter the goal, the internal development of top performers is an important building block for your company’s success. How can we offer top performers future prospects and opportunities for building up their professional profile?


The choice of topics and approaches for facilitating your top performers should be oriented on what best suits your company, the individuals, and the situation.

We start our measures based on your company’s strategy, goals, and values and use these as benchmarks, as well. We also use these unique factors to determine which competencies your top performers will need in the future. Objectively and according to principles which hold for the entire company, we identify current and potential top performers, for example by using organizational analysis, the proven d3 tool for developing meaningful personnel portfolios. Or with potentials analyses which reveal a differentiated picture of what competencies your current top performers and future talent already possess and where there is room for joint or individual improvement. This provides a stable foundation for effective promotion measures, whether as a development program for an entire group of top performers, as a coaching measure, or as individual training sessions.

In order to optimally facilitate the top performers, an experienced trainer accompanies the whole process. In each d3 measure, the focus is on the question of what the employees will be able to do with the information and what they will do in your company. At the end of each d3 development measure, we therefore give an objective and transparent evaluation of the success of the measure. This serves as a success control and motivates the participants to consistently pursue their set qualification goals.

To facilitate your top performers, we offer:

  • Organizational analyses / personnel portfolios
  • Potentials analyses
  • Coaching
  • Individual training

    What our clients say

    »It is very enjoyable to see the good and excellent performance of our employees, and it fills us with pride. But we also asked ourselves the question of how we could specifically further develop our top performers.

    In answering this question, d3 not only advised us but also designed and carried out a development program that we have now successfully implemented for the fourth year.

    The training content of the development program was internalized by the employees and is clearly applied today. Our employees’ eyes light up when they talk about their time in the development program.«

    Michael Schellenberger Department Head, HR Services, DATEV eG