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Preparing Employees for New Challenges Situation


Markets are and will remain highly dynamic. This demands that companies constantly evaluate their strategies, structures, and processes and successfully implement changes. Something which holds true for all companies is that securing the future depends substantially on how “change intelligent” managers and employees are.

How ready, capable, open, fast, and resilient are your managers and employees? To what extent are they capable of anticipating changes positively and adapting their attitudes, behavior, and abilities to new demands?


Together with you, we will clarify what your managers and employees need regarding the upcoming changes and what they are already capable of.

We support the capabilities and competencies that will make your team successful in the future and that will help each member of the team feel self-confident, flexible, and competent when looking forward to new challenges.

For us, human resources development means coaching managers and employees in preparation for changes. We awaken their curiosity for changes, inspire them for transformations, and enable them to actively participate in shaping the company’s future.

In order to prepare your employees for new challenges, we offer:
•    d3-development programs
•    Competency-based training
•    Coaching
•    IowA®

Your Benefits

  • Changes will be implemented more quickly, actively, and sustainably
  • The company will remain dynamic and vital – that is, “change intelligent”
  • Self-initiative and entrepreneurship can grow as employees become confident shapers of the company
  • The company’s future success is promoted and secured

What our clients say

»The cooperation with the “d3 Team” supported us in the further development of our employees and made change processes manageable. The success is measurable and sustainable, and we are very pleased with this extremely successful cooperation!«

Joachim Andrös Managing Director | CEO, JORDAHL GmbH

What we think

»If we take our ancestor’s survival principles to heart: insatiable curiosity – the permanent desire to shape the environment – and the readiness to continuously adapt to new situations, then we can successfully shape our future.«

Peter Stumber Speaker of the Management