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Promoting “Intrapreneurship”


Current surveys on employee dedication reveal a depressing picture: Only 15 percent of German employees feel so closely connected to their company that they are prepared to actively advocate the company’s business goals. But more intrapreneurship has been shown to lead to greater innovative capacity, more productivity, and greater employee loyalty. Promoting intrapreneurship is worthwhile for you and, besides this, offers considerable reserves of potential.


We understand entrepreneurial thinking and actions as an overarching cultural topic that does not only apply to a select few employees. In order to understand the specific contextual effects, we take a look at the current situation and talk to people in the company. We ask which factors encourage or discourage intrepreneurship, how much leeway is given for actions and decisions, and to what extent the company and management culture is a fertile soil for self-initiative and taking ownership.

Based on these answers and our impressions, we understand the context and create an effective, company-based solution with various possibilities for action. That could mean, for example, that we start a project with the definition of a common understanding of management. The following training sessions promote the successful implementation of this understanding and transferring into everyday business; amongst other things, the employees learn to create cross-department projects and directly apply their newly-acquired knowledge to real projects.

To support intrapreneurship, we offer:
•    Analysis of the company and management culture
•    Consulting and development of management tools
•    Workshops on understandings of management
•    Innovation workshops
•    Management training
•    Qualification programs

Your Benefits

  • Your organization will become more agile, employees develop a greater emotional connection with the company’s goals
  • Faster and better implementation of decisions
  • Managers have more room to concentrate on their key tasks
  • Greater employee dedication
  • Employees see themselves as a source of change and willingly act on this
  • More innovative ideas