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Selecting the Best


Filling a key position in your company is a decision with far-reaching consequences. Linked to this are both expectations of future business success as well as the hope that the team will support your decision.

But how can you avoid making the wrong choice during selection or promotion, and how can you increase the chances of success in the critical starting phase?


In order to minimize the risks while filling a management or key position, we professionally assist in the process. In the run-up to a replacement, we use a specific potentials assessment to test how the candidates, besides their functional requirements, fit into the corporate culture and their future environment. The results of the potentials assessment give a clear picture of the individuals’ strengths and possible problems, thereby providing the basis for a well-founded decision.
In addition, this data serves as a starting point for targeted individual training and coaching, which should begin even before the new position and support the manager during the starting phase.

With our Leadership Assimilation Program, we also offer you a proven method of clarifying mutual expectations due to personnel changes, working on possible areas of tension, and creating a basis for successful cooperation.

For successfully filling key positions, we offer:
•    Potentials assessments
•    Individual training
•    Integration coaching
•    Leadership Assimilation Program

Your Benefits

    • Well-founded decision that takes the entire context into consideration
    • Avoiding selecting the wrong person
    • Filling the position with as little tension as possible
    • Promotion of cooperation and fast team-building

      What our clients say

      »With an excellent understanding of the company, a good analysis, flexibility, individuality, and adaptability, d3 very professionally carried out the task of getting our CEOs to accept and be committed to the new organization.«

      Marie-Noëlle Farvager-Schmidt Human Talents Manager, Terolab Surface Group SA